Advent Home

900 County Road 950
Calhoun, TN 37309

(423) 336-5052
(423) 336-8224 (fax)

What is Advent Home?

Advent Home is a residential care program for 12-16 year old boys with ADHD, and other learning and behavioral problems. Our yearly enrollment is approximately 60 students from all across the United States. Students are accepted without regard to race, religion, ethnic background or national origin. Advent Home is located on 220 acres in the country between Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our mission is to reverse ADHD and restore mind, body and character, enabling struggling youth to be constructive members of their community. Our services are all aimed at encouraging positive lifestyle changes, in a minimum distraction environment.

The Following Services Are Offered

  • Residential Care: A supportive environment is created where the students' safety, security and welfare are of primary importance.
  • School: Students are tested to assess their academic deficiencies and capabilities, and an individualized study plan is developed.
  • Counseling: Interactive and individual counseling, as well as group discussions, are available and are based on Christian principles.
  • Physical Activities: A work awareness program gives the students opportunities to develop positive work values and skills.
  • Community Involvement: Civic mindedness is encouraged by reaching out to the community and helping others.
  • Family Forum: The whole family is brought together for face-to-face communication, interaction and training.
  • Public Seminars: Upon request, seminars are conducted on weekends for parents, teachers, pastors, childcare workers and other professionals.
  • Benefits: One year after completion of the program, ninety percent of graduates continue to be successful at home, school and in the workplace.