Harbert Hills Academy


3575 Lonesome Pine Road
Savannah, TN 38372

(731) 925-3098
(731) 925-4238 (fax)

Vision Statement

Exceeding Expectations (Eph. 3:20)

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing students a harmonious Christian education focusing on academic excellence, applied skills, and character development to enable self reliance and to know the joy of service.


Harbert Hills Academy is committed to academic excellence, incorporating hands-on and project-based learning experiences linking the mental to the physical and spiritual, teaching the students to be independent thinkers, with strength of character and nobility of purpose.

The original principles of education, instituted by God in the "school" of the Garden of Eden, are applied. The Bible is the textbook. Nature, the farn, the field and the laboratory are the classroom, where students are transformed into active, lifelong learners.

Educational Philosophy

The school's beliefs regarding Christian education are based on the Scriptures and the counsel written by Ellen G. White. The aim our our Academy is to provide opportunities for students to develop academic, vocational, and social skills as well as a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our core curriculum is mastered through applied instruction, work study, and service, to empower students for active roles in our global community.



"Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children. Godliness - godlikeness - is the goal to be reached. Before the student there is opened a path of continual progress. He has an object to achieve, a standard to attain, that includes everything good, and pure, and noble. He will advance as fast and as far as possible in every branch of true knowledge. But his efforts will be directed to objects as much higher than mere selfish and temporal interests as the heavens are higher than the earth." Education . 18